Sunday, February 06, 2011


Today; because of the Superbowl which has ritualized game day snack, I am thinking about food. I have already broken into the bag of tortilla chips and had a few samples of queso. Well... a little more like a few too many. This resulted in me wondering what I would or should actually sample during the game.

The following creation of Kale Chips was my way of balancing my day.

Set oven to broil
Fresh Kale, relieved of its stalk
Bell Pepper for this version
Sea Salt
Olive Oil

Break Kale into bite size bits
One or two passes with Olive Oil over the Kale
Sprinkle to taste with Sea Salt
Place on middle rack about 10min

I like mine slightly blackened and crispy. For this I move the pan to the top rack for about 60 seconds.

Ideas for your own taste and health.

Use spray on oil so all the leaves are covered.
Cooking slow is ultimately better for the Kale.
These are my substitute for salty potato chips, otherwise I would go light on the salt.
I like broiled veggies and definitely like to experiment with different things.
Any vegetables in the cruciferous (cabbage) family do well cooking with this method.
Try for 3 servings per week.


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